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The best-selling book 'Today Is Your Day To Win'
by Mike Brescia

"The most inspiring book you'll read this year"

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-Mark J. Miller, MS, ATC, V.P. Operations,
Merritt Athletic Clubs
“Today is Your Day to Win is a special book geared toward self reflection and
growth. It should be on every leader’s night stand. For what we think about
most we become. This book will guide everyone to higher level of success
and personal accomplishment.”

David L. Kirchner, President,
Basin & Range Hydrogeologists, Inc.
“Today is Your Day to Win should have been published 250 years ago. Too
bad Mike wasn’t able to do just that; our world would be a much finer place.”

Ted Hebert,
CEO, TRH International
Creator of "Passionate & Fearless Sales Method"
“Today is Your Day to Win is a fascinating and inspiring manual that will bring
immense joy to your life. Even as a personal success coach myself, I gain
brilliant strategies that I use in my own daily life... All thanks to Mike Brescia.”

Dr. Clint Jones, President,
Success Consultants Limited
“Today is Your Day to Win is the most remarkable demonstration of the power of
the human spirit. An enormous source of strength, wisdom and encouragement,
I couldn't do without it.”

Mike Litman, best selling co-author of
Conversations with Millionaires
"An extraordinary array of proven, practical, and powerful success secrets that
will make each day of your life a living masterpiece."

Todd L. Shuler, President and CEO, ThoughtBulb, Inc.
“Today is Your Day to Win is chock full of swift kicks to the whatchamacallit to
remind you that you have what it takes to reach the next level of personal and
professional excellence. Take the plunge! This book is a winner!!!”

John Assaraf, best selling author of
The Street Kid's Guide To Having It All
"There's so much great stuff in this book it will blow you away!
Anyone can use it to take their life to the next level.
I highly recommend it to all my friends and clients."

Sheryl L. Draschil, CEO, Corporate Image Inc.
Author of I Need You: The Ultimate Relationship Guide
“Today is Your Day to Win not only motivates, excites and inspires you, it
works! I would passionately recommend this book to everyone searching
for their winning path.”