How To Write Ads - Tips That Work!

Writing advertising copy is like anything else, you need to practice. Sit down with a pen and paper, or open a file in your word processor and begin writing. The more you write, the better your ads will get.

After you have practiced for awhile, you will find ideas for your ads or web site copy coming into your head while you are doing other things. If you get a good idea, be sure to drop everything else and write it down before you forget it!

There are going to be thousands of other ads out there so you must learn to write ads that can compete.

The Key Ingredients Of An Effective Ad:
Perhaps you have heard this before. It's called the AIDA Formula and it works.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

With thousands of ads out there, you have only seconds to grab your readers quick glancing eyes. Pay special attention to your headlines. They determine if your ad will get read or not. The most successful ads involve the reader quickly. It should ask a question, give a solution to a problem, etc.

Web site Tip: On your web site, you can use subheadlines to help draw your visitors further into your site. Use these subheadlines at the beginning of your paragraphs. Do this to catch the scanning eyes of your readers. They won't be reading everything on your page unless your main headline is interesting enough to get them scanning over your web site copy. They won't read further unless your subheadlines are interesting enough to catch their attention and pull them in.

Here are some sample titles. Fill in the blanks to finish the headline. Then try to come up with some of your own.

How I...
What if...
3 (or any number) ways to...
5 (or any number) Secrets to...
How to...
Isn't it about time...
Wouldn't it be...
Do you...
Guaranteed to...
Did you know...
Aren't you...
The Answer to Your.....
Read This....

For web site copy or sales letters, use bullets or lists to help break it up. This will catch your readers attention much more so than long chunks of text.

Use quick, short sentences in the body of your advertising copy. Long sentences tend to put people in the "scan mode". They will look down the page for something else that appears to be a little more interesting and quicker to read. And of course when that happens you lose them. Remember! Quick, short sentences! Get the point?

When people look over ads they want to know if they can earn more money, create more free time, save money, solve a problem.....

Be sure to mention things that relate to these strong motives. Remember, people are looking for something that will benefit them.

Use 2, 3 or even 4 short sentences to create enough interest.

Now you have pulled their interest, you need to create the Desire in them to do something about it. Desire is created in many ways. As human beings we crave things that are rare or scare, things other people have, and things that seem to promise a big reward with very little effort. That's just the way human beings are, so we need to keep that in mind... without exaggerating and without giving away everything about your offer. You want to get your prospects excited and eager to learn more.

1) The Scarcity approach
Does your offer have a time limit? Example: Act now. This offer will not be repeated.

2) Social Proof
People want to know what other like-minded individuals are doing. Example: Many are earning Full Time Incomes At Home! I earned my first check in only 30 days! We are earning full time incomes at home!

3) Big reward with little effort.
Although most people are looking for something to make life easier for themselves, don't exaggerate! Examples: A simple, easy and profitable home based business.
Powerful marketing tools will save you time and money!
(Don't be tempted to over-exaggerate, ex: "$50,000 in 7 days" People are also skeptical. Your ad copy has to be believable.)


Ask people to do something now. It really helps to have an action line in your ad. Examples:
Visit Web Site Now!
Email today for More Info!
Don't delay!
Act Now!
Limited Offer! Hurry!

The AIDA formula works! Be sure to keep it in mind when you are practicing your ad writing.

It is also helpful to study other ads on the Internet. Do they follow the AIDA formula? Which ads get your attention? Why?

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