Herding Behavior and Internet Marketing
By Esther Smith

Exasperation has brought me to the writing of this Article. Let me ask you how many spam-emails have you received with the opening sentence that goes something like this: “If I can show you how to earn x-amount of dollars a day, would you send me a Thank You card?”

My question is one that you should take notice of, if you haven’t already. It tells me that this ad copy is being promoted for a particular program and because many affiliates don’t seem to have a mind of their own, they copy and paste the ad copy and send it out en masse.

The phrase “herd behavior” is offered as an explanation of phenomena where large numbers of people act in the same way at the same time. Such people are sometimes labeled with the derogatory term “sheeple.”

When they joined XYZ Company and were given the member ID# 159573, did they not realize how many members have already joined before them and used that same ad copy? And further, as their prospects how stale we consider this opener? All good programs have their “resource” page to help new recruits get a jump-start in sales but in all sanity – it was meant as a guide… not a bible!

This week I received a phone call from a fellow who claimed he’d like to ask me about Network Marketing because he had read some of my Articles. We spoke for awhile and he asked if I’d be interested in listening to an expert Network Marketer who had made the Guinness Book Of Records speak on new marketing strategies. We’ll call him Gordon.

I’m never impressed with the “I’m swell, just ask me” type. This guy began his tele-seminar professing to be the richest man in Missouri, how he was going to make all of us listeners filthy rich, and yes, he was very familiar with the program I was in because he knew the president of the company and had designed their compensation plan himself. Oh?

The call didn’t get any better and I soon realized I had been had. I muted my line and listened with dropped jaw as he moved from one listener to another and belittled their endeavors to promote this or that product or service; often with the unnecessary comment of “you’re a loser”.

The following day, I received another phone call asking about my program. Now wary, I inquired as to his reason for asking? Yes, he was promoting Gordon’s tele-seminar. By days end, I received another similar call and another. So here we go again with a new group of sheeple.

For affiliates who carry an HIC card, or Herding Instinct Certificate, I will tell you that there are thousands of ways to advertise your product or service without using the company’s suggested ads. Be unique, approach your prospects with the intelligence that they expect.

What made you look beyond the ad and investigate further before you joined your program? Take some time and look at other people’s ads for other products. When you see one that you consider impressive read it again, not just skimming but studying what words or phrases grabbed your attention. Copy these to a file.

Substitute your product or service in one of these ads and then make small variations to make them original. Ask any good writer and they’ll tell you that their ad has been edited and rewritten a dozen or more times. Be clear, straightforward and honest. Leave hype to the failure-group.

Believe in your product or service. When you do you enthusiastically endorse it with no effort and your excitement will shine through.

2006 Esther Smith

Smith is the author of numerous Articles and publishes a weekly syndicated Newsletter. She has three websites and teaches would-be entrepreneurs the long term value of leveraged income. http://thepermanentventure.com/2up.htm Start young, retire early.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Esther_Smith

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