Why You Should Always Buy the Best
Tony Mase - All Rights Reserved

One of the single, biggest mistakes people make in their quest for wealth is buying things because they're cheap rather than buying things because they're the best.

Surrounding yourself with cheap things is not in any way conducive to developing and maintaining the mental attitude that's absolutely necessary for you to become wealthy.

In an article titled "The Constructive Attitude", the fifth article in his "Lessons in Constructive Science" series, Wallace D. Wattles, best known for his classic masterpiece "The Science of Getting Rich", said this on the subject:

"... if you wear cheap clothes, eat cheap foods and surround yourself with cheap things to "save money" you will put yourself in the mental attitude of cheapness and inferiority. You will think of yourself in connection with cheap and inferior things, and so will see yourself as a cheap and inferior person. The cheap and inferior within you will be brought to the surface, and you will never do your best. You will be incapable of exerting your whole power, and by the law of reaction, cheap and inferior things will move toward you."

On the other hand, in the same article, Wallace D. Wattles said this:

"If you wear the best, eat the best and have the best in your home, it puts you in the right mental attitude. You see yourself as one who has the best, is of the best, as IS the best; and the best there is in you will come to the surface. You will take the mental attitude of faith, confidence and power, and your success will be assured. You will take hold of your work with conscious power, and your work will be well done. You will BE the best, and by the law of action and reaction, the best will move toward you."


Before you run out the door and go on a spending spree...

A word of caution is in order here...

The "best" does *not* necessarily mean the most "showy", nor does it necessarily mean the most expensive.

It's never best to buy anything purely for show or solely because it's expensive. Only cheap and inferior minds care those things. The best minds care about usefulness and comfort.

That which has the most use and comfort for you is the best for you.


The use and comfort you get from something may depend on a number of factors.

For example...

A person whose strongest desire is for the beautiful will buy those things that are most pleasing to the eye, regardless of comfort.

On the other hand...

Someone whose strongest desire is for physical comfort will buy the most comfortable clothes and the most comfortable furniture, regardless of how they look.

The important thing to understand here is...

As long as each gets the "best", both will be right.

With that in mind...

The bottom line is...

If you want to be wealthy...

*Really* wealthy...

Starting today...

Stop buying that which is cheap and start buying that which is the best!

Tony Mase is a serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles and the publisher of "The Science of Abundant Life" ebook by Wallace D. Wattles...

"The Science of Abundant Life" by Wallace D. Wattles
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