7 Principles of a 'Shapeable' Universe

By Christopher Westra
Creator of the Holographic Creation Program

The foundations of quantum mechanics were established during the first half of the twentieth century by Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck, Louis de Broglie, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Max Born, John von Neumann, Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli and others.

In this article I don't present the math of quantum physics, but the meanings, which is what we really want anyway. Go ahead and study the authors and scientists above if you wish, as your time allows. You will learn from them, but here is a streamlined version.

1. Creating Our Reality

I Realize that most of you don't really want to learn quantum physics or quantum theory. It's just lot of math! You who search for books or writings on quantum physics really want the implications of quantum theory for your life. You want to know how to use quantum principles to create the life of your dreams!

2. Meanings of Quantum Physics is What We Want

The implications of quantum physics truly empower you. See how the five basic quantum "meanings" below enable you to enjoy a richer life. Knowing about our shapeable universe gives us confidence in our thought-creations.

3. A Shapeable Universe

Our physical universe is shapeable! Yes, quantum physics teaches us that our physical reality is moldable, and this truth excites a lot of us. It means we can create what we want, if we work with the quantum laws.

We work with the quantum laws when we focus our thought. You don't need to understand the math or even the principles of quantum physics. Great philosophers, wise men, and leaders throughout history used thought power to shape their world!

4. Holographic Creations

Our thoughts shape the universe and the matter we see. Quantum research proves that particles of light and matter behave differently when we humans "watch" them! We co-create our physical universe via the power of our minds, by using "holographic creations" made from waves of sound and light.

Our "energy" universe is alive, intelligent, and responsive. Specific quantum physics experiments illustrate this.

5. Energy follows thought

Thought is the essence of power, and focused thought is focused power. Much of the thought that creates our worlds is weak, scattered, and unfocused. With practice, you can learn to focus your mind's power and create the reality you want and deserve. Just spend some time thinking about what you want and imagine yourself using it, and eventually it will become physical matter just as you portrayed it in your mind! just use your imagination and create what you want!

Increase your awareness of what you are thinking and visualizing. Let "Energy Follows Thought" become a guiding principle in your life. Think positively about yourself and about others, because energy will follow your thought.

6. Inner World Creation First (We Create the Design!)

The laws of quantum physics show that everything must be created first in the inner world. The inner reality is the matrix, the blueprint, or divine design, and then physical matter is attracted to this "template" by the laws of quantum attraction. This is how the world you see comes into existence!

7. Skills Increase With Practice

You can learn the techniques of spiritual pre-creation through practice and training. Once you learn this quantum process, you can easily manifest what you want in the "outer" reality.

Use the daily holographic creation sheet to focus your mind's power and to clarify your visualization.

What other skill is as fun and as important to learn as how to manifest and create in your inner world? My book on "I Create Reality" teaches you how to use these quantum skills and techniques to create the life you want for yourself. I don't teach you the math of quantum mechanics, just how to apply the inner creation principles in your life.

Christopher Westra is the author of I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires. Learn more about the Holographic Creation Program here.

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