Your Prospects Are Skeptical About 3 Things When They Visit Your Site. Here's What They Are and How to Overcome Them...
By Leo Lucianis

Before you write a WORD of online sales copy, remember...

1. People don't read: They skim, scroll, and scan

Your Goal: Convert your scanners into READERS.

Here's How: Your skimming audience will follow your trail of well written subheads, placed strategically throughout your sales message, email, blog post, etc...

(Or frequent paragraph breaks, numbers, and colons to indicate the major points - like I'm doing in this article)

When your skimming audience reads each subhead or major point they should be able to understand your entire sales message. And the interesting part is, if your subheads are compelling enough, they will convert your skimmers into readers, who will want to read the rest of your message.

Mission accomplished.

2. Your prospects don't believe a word you say: They roll their eyes at EVERYTHING.

Your Mission: Back up everything you say with PROOF.

Here's How: Use the tried and true testimonial formula by keeping testimonials short, sizzling and specific. If you can help it, get one testimonial per benefit that you are presenting.

Back up ALL your claims with cold, hard data. Otherwise you'll be seen as someone who blows smoke. Not good for your reputation. If you can't back it up, leave it out.

Your mission is to become credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your prospects. And doing the above is a big step in the right direction.

Problem solved.

3. Your prospects are naturally lazy and are loathe to act: Given a choice they would rather do nothing than take action.

Your Goal: Light a fire under their behinds, and get them to take action

How to Do This: Give them REAL reasons why they need to act on this NOW. You can accomplish this by using scarcity, takeaway selling, and deadlines to create URGENCY within your prospects.

This doesn't mean using the fake website countdown clock that, when refreshed, gives you a new time deadline for your offer. This means warning your readers about limited seating at a seminar, limited face to face coaching time with you, giving a one time only offer, limited free bonuses for the first X number of people to act, etc...

Your job in your sales message is to make the value of your product, far outweigh the amount of money you are charging for it. When you include the fact that there is a LIMITED number of packages, or that a special price is only going to last for a certain amount of time, you will get your prospects to get off their duffs and take action.

And... mission accomplished.

Author: Leo Lucianis. Do you need no nonsense, hugely effective website copywriting advice? Need inexpensive resource recommendations while you're bootstrapping your Internet Business? Need all this and more? Leo Lucianis says to check out James Lee's free, but valuable online business blog at: http//

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