Having difficulty with weight loss?
By Leisa Wheeler

When anyone is interested in health or fitness, part of their interest is often in how to achieve and maintain an ideal weight.

Weight loss is a very big issue (no pun intended) and a growing portion of the population are desperate to attain a thin physique in any way they can. This paves the way for all types of pills, powders and potions to be marketed in a billion dollar weight loss industry; preying on peoples desire to lose weight whether it is in a healthy way or not.

If we do explore the health aspect though, we can start to see things from a different perspective. More often than not, there is a causative factor that is contributing to the weight gain, and it is not purely a lack of willpower. I do not believe we need to be fanatical about being stick thin either, but we do need to find that balance of energy and vitality that comes with having a fit, healthy body. I have experienced both sides of the weight issue, and I can tell you that I prefer to be fit and healthy!

Several years ago I broke my leg (femur) at Tae Kwon Do training which is where my weight problem started. I was unable to exercise for quite some time, and the trauma of breaking my leg and the operation to repair it, had a negative affect on my thyroid and adrenal glands. It was a difficult recovery and my overall health declined.

This is when I started to increase in weight, and over the time my leg was healing, I gained about 30% of my body weight; going from a healthy fit girl to one that felt quite terrible. I also had a lot of other symptoms such as depression, fatigue, poor concentration and memory, and feeling the cold, which are all indicative of poor thyroid function.

When I had recovered from the actual injury, I started a slow program of exercise and made sure that I was eating very well, but the weight proved very difficult to lose.

It is a long story, but until my thyroid and adrenals were properly supported nothing made much of a difference to that extra bit of weight. I know, its not like I was obese and had 50 more kilos to lose; but I am just illustrating that even the best diet and exercise will not do the trick if there is a metabolic or hormonal disorder underneath.

Once I had the correct treatment, that last 7kg dropped off in a few weeks and I was able to feel human again, the symptoms all reversed and I could sustain my previous levels of exercise which I had found exhausting until then.

If you do have an issue with your weight, I would advise finding a good naturopath or doctor to look into every possible factor that could be contributing to your weight gain. Eating less and exercising more is not always the answer.

About The Author:
The founder of Embracing Health, Leisa Wheeler, can be contacted via her blog or her DVD website at http://www.embracinghealthblog.com.au and http://www.emotionalaspectsofhealingdvd.com

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