Quick & effective steps to easily change your feelings - (part 2)
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From time to time we experience certain feelings that limit our ability to respond with choice. Quite often we try and change our feelings by using reason. Relying on conscious reasoning alone though is severely limited and often doesn't get us the outcome we wanted.

So what can we do then to change our feelings more easily and effectively?

Tap into our vast unconscious resources.

The unconscious parts of our mind are like a huge iceberg and the part of our mind we refer to as conscious is not even the tip of the iceberg, it is much, much smaller!

To dip into the 'other than conscious' ocean of resources is really quite straight forward.

If I were to ask you what the surface of planet Neptolzen looked like how would you imagine it?

I bet you got some kind of representation in your minds eye, right, so where did that come from?

It bubbled up from your unconscious resources. This one simple mechanism is very useful when utilised in a beneficial way.

Now give the following method a run through to help you understand how the process functions:

"The Picture re-Frame"

1. Think of a situation where you want to change your feelings. You want to have more choice in how to respond.

2. Now picture that situation. What do you see?

3. If you haven't already, step outside of the picture and push the picture off over there so that you can see yourself in it.

4. Now look at that image and become aware of any new insights and understandings from this new perspective.

5. What would happen if you were to imagine placing a wooden frame around that picture?

6. Allow your unconscious or your imagination or your creative part or your 'other than conscious resources' to try out other frames.

What about a plastic frame. Try changing the colour of the frames. Put the picture in an oval frame.

What would a comedic frame look like? A Sexy frame? A frame of excellence? Or a learning frame?

And what would happen if you were to place a light on top of the picture frame. Would it literally 'shed new light on things'?

7. One more little experiment: Imagine, whilst looking at the picture, feeling the texture of the frame. What does the frame feel like? Now soften the frame. Try a Balsa wood frame. Or how about a silly putty frame!

Finally, just out of curiosity, what would happen if you made the picture translucent? You know, so you can see through it.

The simple imagination experiment above can be done quite quickly by keeping it simple and straight forward and it sure beats trying to change ones mind by using the extremely limited inner-chatterbox wouldn't you agree!

So why not play around with this little mind experiment because your unconscious has already started giving you even more compelling reasons to do so now has it not?

Colin G Smith is a licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and author of 'The Half Second Rule: Your Master Key to Safe, Rapid & Effective Change', his NEW Special Report that empowers the reader to quickly, easily and safely make profound personal changes using the principles and techniques of the half- second rule. http://www.NLPToolBox.com/special_reports/hsr.htm

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