What To Do When Entrepreneurial Insomnia Keeps You Up
By Leo Lucianis

I hope you are passionate about what you do. If you aren't it's time to rethink what you're doing! But sometimes, we as entrepreneurs get so excited about the possibilities that exist all around us that it's hard to fall asleep. Sound familiar?

Many a night I will try my best to fall asleep at a decent hour, but eventually, I'll give up, and get back on the computer. It would seem like the logical thing to do (if you can't sleep, might as well work, right?), but it can really affect your health.

Throw into the mix that I'm a biological night owl, and sometimes it's only when the light of dawn breaks through the window do I realize I better get some sleep.

And talk about suffering the consequences in the morning. The rest of the day becomes a hazy fog, and many times a nap is required if I am to function even semi-coherently.

I talked to one of my friends about this, a wealthy entrepreneur who has more energy than almost anyone I know. And he told me something very interesting to try.

Now, whenever he gets a rush of great ideas while lying in bed (and knows he needs a decent night's sleep), he simply puts a notebook on the nightstand next to him. Then he tries to get some rest.

Of course a million different thoughts will start coursing through his brain. So at this point, he simply turns over, reaches for his notebook, and writes down the ideas that are percolating at that moment. Then he lies back down. Sounds simple, right? And how is this helpful, you may be asking?

According to him, the reason why we get so excited is twofold. First, bedtime is probably the first chance in the day that a million things aren't going on all around you.

That is, you aren't on the phone, you aren't writing copy, and you aren't tweaking your website(s). So your subconscious mind takes this time to relax... and push a torrent of ideas into your head. And then you get excited and can't sleep.

Second, these ideas aren't just any ideas. They are known as "open loops" in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Basically they are incomplete ideas because they are not immediately actionable. You are just lying in bed thinking about all the ideas you COULD be implementing. Is it any wonder you can't sleep?

By writing these ideas down on your notebook, you are effectively closing that loop, allowing your mind to say, "okay, jotted it down, and we'll take care of that in the morning... you can sleep now, dude"

Sooner or later, your mind will begin to calm down, and you will be able to get that deep, restful sleep you deserve. So you can implement all those great ideas in the morning!

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