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Jim Sansi

Anymore it seems like everyone is looking for the best way to pull in quick and easy traffic to a site. There are tons of different methods including paid for sources, social bookmarking, blogs and forums. Most of these options are very viable however you need to carefully look at the profitability of each one. Here is a quick look at the better forms of traffic currently available from a dollars and sense standpoint.

Paying For Traffic

Pay per click advertising is by and far the most popular and costly methods for traffic in existence. Simply fund your account, enter in some keywords and you can start getting massive amounts of traffic in hours. To really achieve good results using PPC without blowing the bank is to research large long tail keywords lists with hundreds and thousands of keywords. It is also a good idea to shop around with different providers and to test several versions of your sales offer with cheaper traffic.

Social Networking Scene

Social networks and bookmarking sites are all the rage these days due to the massive amounts of traffic that can be achieved especially when directing to content sites like blogs. Unfortunately most of this traffic can be very short lived and you absolutely must track the profitability of this type of traffic from each social bookmarking site used otherwise you can end up spending a lot of time achieving lots of traffic that does not convert into sales.

Turn Articles Into Traffic

Article marketing is a tried and true method that always results in good traffic and most importantly good sales conversions. This is due to the fact that potential prospects share an interest in the article they are reading and are then warmed up to your offer when clicking on a link in a by-line or about the author box. Another huge benefit of article marketing is that it helps build good quality one way links back to your sites which help with search engine rankings.

Regardless of what traffic generations strategies employed you should always be tracking and measuring in profitability how well each source or method converts into dollars. There are several tools available to do this including my favorite MuVar, Google Analytics or simply crunching the numbers using your web hosting providers built in logging capabilities.

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