Weeding out the Opportunities
By Diego Norte

Anyone who wants to work at home knows about all the scams out there. The internet is full of work at home scams. People will advertise a work at home opportunity, and tell you that you can take advantage of it for just a small investment of $29.95, or $45.95, or $79.99.

But when it comes right down to it, why you should you pay someone to work for them?

Think about traditional jobs you have applied for or worked. Did you ever have to pay to be considered for those jobs? Of course not! If that was the case, companies would have a hard time finding employees.

Anytime your asked to pay to apply for a job or begin working, this should be a red flag that the "job" advertised is actually a SCAM.

Also, what information about the job do you have? Many times, the scams don't tell you much about the job itself. If there is a job description at all, it is often very vague. Why do you suppose that is? A lack of information about the job or the company is another red flag for a scam.

What about contact information? What ways do you have to get in touch with the potential employer? None? Just an email address? If there is not an actual person to contact, be weary. If you are provided with a person's name and title in the company, an address, email address, and telephone number, then it is probably a reliabe opportunity. Go ahead and call the number, talk to the person. Grill them about the opportunity. If it is a real opportunity, they should be happy to talk to you and give you any information about the company. If they are hesitant or dance around your questions, ask yourself, What are they hiding?

If you then want some more assurance that the opportunity you are researching or applying for is legitimate, one of my favorite ways is to do a search on the opportunity. Go to your favorite search engine (I usually do the same search in a few different engines) and do a few searches. Search the company's name that you have a applied for. Then, search the company's name + scam.

This will often yield results of lots of different blogs. If you get few results, this may tell you that there aren't many hits for people describing this opportunity as a scam. Maybe it really is legit. Read through some of the blogs though. Does the author of the blog seem to be selling the same opportunity? Again, a red flag should go up. Or are they simply trying to inform you about the company?

After you've done that, check with the Better Business Bureau. Check the rating of the company, and then read the explanation of the rating. Or, if the company is not registered with the BBB, again, red flag.

Once you've done all this, you should have a pretty good feel for the company and if it is one that you want to work for. The decision is ultimately yours, of course.

Lastly, you do want to be sure that you are just looking at work at home jobs. There are also plenty of home based business opportunities out there.

Business opportunities often do require an investment, whether to start a traditional or a home-based business. For these, it is important to check out what is included in the investment. When invest money if you're not sure exactly what it is you're investing in?

You can still use the same methods I talked about earlier to research the business, just keep in mind that a running a business is very different from working for someone else.

If you do choose to make the investment, best of luck! If you don't, keep looking, and you will find a legitimate opportunity.

About the Author:
Diego Norte is the creator of MuVar, the world's most effective multivariate testing solution. MuVar completely automates the task of optimizing your sales letters for more sales. Check it out here: http://www.MuVar.com

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