Quick Tip - Disguising Your Links.

Here's a little HTML trick that you can use to disguise your links. You may want to do this just to make your link a little more interesting.

For example, when you hold your mouse over a link, the URL will be displayed in the bar at the bottom of your browser. Using this trick, you could have text displayed instead. You could display the name of the page or a prompt for action, a special deal, etc.

Copy and paste the follow code on your site and replace the red text with your own information.

<a onMouseOver="window.status='the URL or text that you want displayed in the bar at the bottom of your browser';return true" onMouseOut="window.status='';return true" target="_blank" href="the real URL goes here, beginning with http://"> The text for your link that shows on your web page goes here.</a>

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