What Are the Activities That Will Bring You Wealth

by Nikola Grubisa

What do you need to be doing to succeed in life? What traps await you on your path? How much are goals really important? Is it true you can succeed the most in conducting the business you enjoy the most ... or is it perhaps better to be doing something else? How to deal with people - so that they love you, respect you and at the same time listen to you and follow you?

These are just some of the questions most people ask themselves when it comes to success. And every question requires a clear answer if you wish to avoid doubting in your success and so making your path more difficult.

But - is it at all possible to find the answers to these questions? And, even more important, are these answers valid for all people in all situations ... and especially for you?

Yes and no; it depends whether you are dealing with the cause or the consequence. If you discover the cause of the problem (which is always the same!) and succeed in solving it, you also permanently solve the problem and automatically move forward to a higher level.

For instance, if something in your house has a rotten smell, you can solve the problem by taking that thing outside - and the stench won't repeat itself. This is solving the problem at its cause, which is most effective.

But people sometimes handle their problems differently: instead of taking the cause of the bad smell out, they rather cover it up with something, perfume it, open windows and such.

This is often much easier, but it doesn't solve the problem. Consequently the problem repeats itself and worrying about it only takes too much of your time and energy that you could invest in something important.

People so become overburdened with little things and literally run out of time to create wealth, prosperity and happiness. Are you doing the same and solving the consequences instead of tackling the cause? Let's see ...

Ask yourself: "What problems do constantly repeat in my life?"

The areas where these problems are constantly surfacing are probably the areas where you deal with negative consequences when they appear. And this isn't relevant only for your "physical world" (your environment), but also for the world within you. Do you know of anyone who is always saying: "Why is this happening to me over and over again? Why are people treating me like this? Why do I constantly spend more than I make?"

It's about the consequences! And by dealing only with the consequences this person can never move forward in life.

"The Cause Is Never on the Outside" ... or "The Cause Always Originates from Within"

This is the Truth ... because it is valid for everyone at any time at any place. And if you are ready to admit this to yourself you will discover within it the key to the solution of all your problems - because you will no longer blame others for your problems, but turn towards the real cause - you yourself!

Put in different words: If you are the one holding yourself back from achieving success and realizing your dreams, and if you are ready to do something about it, you are already on your path to your goals - because you will always find yourself in a situation where you can influence the cause of the problem.

Nikola Grubisa is the co-author of the best-selling The Millionaire Mindset. If you are wondering what the greatest obstacle to your success is and how to overcome it, visit his web site today! Click here Now.

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