Super Affiliate's Net Broadcast Rocks The Industry

James Martell's "Affiliate Buzz" inspires, informs and motivates.

In 2000 James Martell was a fledgling Net entrepreneur hawking free ISP services from a single website and was earning very good money from his home computer until the whole industry disappeared overnight. He was caught off guard like countless others by the well documented dot com crash in the spring of 2000. But Mr. Martell rebounded with two new sites dedicated to satellite TV and credits cards.

And he has never looked back. Not only do his credit card and satellite TV sites still thrive to this day, generating huge income from commissions received from related merchants placed on his sites, but Martell now has sites in 50 different industries from batteries to baby items to pets to golf supplies. View a directory of sites here:

"I guess I learned not to have all my eggs in one basket after seeing my free ISP revenue literally dry up overnight. It was very depressing because my site had 5000 visitors a day but now there were no merchants to send them to, since the backbone that supported the entire free ISP business went bust." James says.

"What drives my success today is the verifiable fact that consumers are shopping online in droves and merchants are on to the craze. I find most of my new merchants at, who act as a trusted third party tracking sales and paying commissions to affiliates on behalf of thousands of different merchants in hundreds of different industries."

"After a few of my friends got interested in building their own sites I got the idea to put together a live training to teach my methods to the public. I taught this class to about 20 people in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in the fall of 2001 for $1000. It was quite successful and several students are now full time affiliate marketers earning more than their previous jobs. But the class distracted me from my main source of income, so I disbanded it and hired an editor to work full time with me to develop a downloadable version instead."

"My downloadable version is called, James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook - 2002. It was launched in May of 2002 to critical acclaim -- and because sales are all handled through my publishing company, Net Guides Publishing Inc. out of Las Vegas, Nevada -- I was able to build new many sites in different industries, getting a firm foothold in each. The affiliate marketing industry is growing so fast that if I could make time to do it I could probably build in 1000 different industries."

"But I'm doing quite well for myself with 50 sites -- and of course, steady manual sales -- and instead of plowing ahead building more sites I have launched a Net broadcast that focuses on issues that are important to affiliate marketers."

"I can remember when I first got started there was no credible forum to find ideas that really worked. My Net broadcast, -- which I call an "audio newsletter" lasts about 30-40 minutes and comes out twice a month. It cost ten bucks to subscribe. Each edition focuses on different aspects of succeeding online with affiliate programs and draws heavily on my personal experience."

"I pull no punches and tell it like it is, even revealing my greatest mistakes along the way. The way I see it, there are countless "orphan affiliates" who are floundering around trying to make sense of this jigsaw puzzle called affiliate marketing who are largely neglected by their merchants. So I thought I could fill a need here by offering advice, tips and procedures to get the traffic needed to make a good living. And at the same time inspire my listeners to get out there and do it themselves."

"More specifically, the goal of these Nets broadcasts is to inspire, inform and motivate. Many tell me the shows format truly achieves its aim."

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James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook - 2002

James Martell's Affiliate Buzz

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