Cell Phone Affiliate Programs – Rewards Galore!

So you’re thinking of getting into the thriving industry of affiliate marketing. Or perhaps you’ve already got your feet wet, testing the waters of the Internet. You want some extra money. Or maybe you’re looking for complete financial independence. They all lead to freedom! Now, however, you have the freedom of choice. But there are so many choices…which one do you choose? Well, many are good. Many are successful. Many are rewarding. So which one is the right one for you? Would you like a hot tip? Try cell phone affiliate programs!

So what are affiliate programs?

Let’s first look at exactly what an affiliate program is. Merchants who spend millions of dollars on advertising have found a better way. Instead of paying all that money to advertisers, without the guarantee of a sale, they decided it would be more cost-effective to pay for advertising only if a sale was made. That made their advertising dollars 100% effective.

So merchants created a program that maximized and guaranteed results; they called it an affiliate program. They formed a business relationship with website owners, the affiliates, whereby the affiliates were paid a commission for a referred sale. This sale would be made when a customer clicked on a link to the merchant’s website while visiting the affiliate’s website. If the customer bought something, the merchant would pay the affiliate a commission. And commissions would be paid monthly by cheque or direct-deposit. What a great program!

These cell phone affiliate programs pay special attention to detail and offer you reliable real-time stats so you can consult them at all times and see the sales your site is generating. Their stats area is detailed and allows you to see how many downloads were made by day, week or month Merchants do this by purchasing and installing specialized tracking software on their own server, or they join a third-party commission network such as Commission Junction or LinkShare who provide the infrastructure and reporting systems. This creates a mutual trust because the accounting is open for all to see.

This new program caught on like wildfire! People could now sit in the comfort of their own homes, still in their pyjamas, if they wished, and create an income with their computer. The potential for this income replacing and overtaking their regular wages was astounding! And the merchants had cut their advertising budgets drastically. It was a win-win situation of the best kind.

Where to find merchants

There are dozens of cell phone merchants looking for affiliates to represent their programs, so how can you find them? Simply go to http://www.google.com, the world’s leading search engine, and do a Google search for “cell phone affiliate programs”. A couple of affiliate programs you should give special preference to are Commission Junction and LinkShare.com. They are two of the most recognized and respected affiliate programs and they’ll help you to make your affiliate business simple and profitable.

Why cell phone affiliate programs?

As we suggested before, one of the most lucrative programs is cell phone affiliate programs. Let’s look at the direction of the cell phone industry. More than 74 million cell phones are in use in the United States today, a figure that will rise to more than 139 million in 2003 according to International Data Corp.'s most recent estimates. Worldwide, analysts expect more than a billion cell phones to be in use in just a few years. The cellular business was a $3 million market 25 years ago and has grown increasingly to close to a $30 billion per year industry. Wouldn’t it be a wise choice to tap into that market?

And here are some more incentives: Internet companies are quickly bringing many of the medium's amenities to mobile telephones – ranging from e-commerce to portal services like address books, calendars and email. Analysts predict that the number of wireless Internet devices, including cell phones and handheld computers, will pass up the number of PCs sold in the next few years.

What cell phone affiliate programs offer you

Like any other fruitful industry, cell phone affiliate programs are highly competitive. There are many programs to choose from and, again, you have to choose the right one for you. So let’s look at a few examples.

Cell phone providers make it easy for affiliates

Another great incentive you get from these cell phone providers is the fact that they do all they can to promote their products. They give specials. They give deals. Their promotion and marketing tools are optimized and updated so that they can offer you the highest payout.

Some cell phone affiliate programs are also available in as many as 14 languages. They provide you with a marketing area that includes a list of 2500 keywords to optimize your sites in search engines. The keyword lists are available in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and more.

And there’s more! Cell phone affiliate programs can help you to capitalize on your website's traffic or earn additional revenues by offering free cellular phones and free accessories to your visitors. Affiliate programs allow offline and online businesses to generate income quickly and easily. Here are a few common benefits of cell phone affiliate programs:

  • Easy Money – They’ll pay you commission for every phone activated and shipped. Some pay you for every survey completed by a visitor.
  • Added Value for Your Visitors – Your web site visitors will enjoy an easy-to-use site with the widest selection of free phones, free accessories and service plans from top carriers.
  • Accurate Tracking & Reporting – They’ll offer real-time online tracking and reporting systems so you can check your performance whenever you want.
  • Easy to Sign Up – Just click and complete the form to join.

You’re never on your own

Does all this intimidate you? Does it seem too overwhelming? Do it seem like just too much? Relax – help is here! Like any new venture, you need some training. And to make your learning curve as smooth as possible, there’s a very popular training manual available – James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Handbook. Associated with this course, you can also have the benefit of Mr. Martell’s audio newsletter for affiliate marketers, called the Affiliate Buzz.

Of course, this course isn’t free. The fact is that this manual took six gruelling months to assemble. But the result is fantastic – now you don’t have to go through the same trial and error that Mr. Martell did. You can literally learn from his mistakes.

And James Martell doesn’t just sell books. He walks the walk and talks the talk. He does it all! He has more than 70 websites featuring hundreds of merchants in dozens and dozens of industries. Everything in his training manual is something he’s learned and is using now to become a true super affiliate. And he’s willing to share it with you now. And now is the key word here. Because now his manual is available – but it won’t be forever. This is truly a “ground-breaking opportunity”. Make this your first and only choice.

All these benefits can be yours

So you can see, this is a driven market. The future holds nothing but prosperity. The potential is magnificent! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. The train to financial freedom is leaving the station. The baggage car is full of suitcases containing wealth. The dining car is full of good living. The engine is stoked with the fuel of success. Don’t let the train leave without you. Discover cell phone affiliate programs and get on board!

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