Long Distance Affiliate Programs - Ringing In Relief!

Had enough?

You’ve had enough, haven’t you? Had enough of your boring job.

It all seems so pointless, doesn’t it? Just what is the point of working hard when you barely get noticed in the office, much less appreciated.

And then there’s your boss, a slave-driver right? Genghis Khan in a business suit. Time off? Why, you’ve already had ten minutes off this week, what more could you possibly want than that?

Your co-workers don’t help much either do they? A right load of shifty-eyed backstabbers there. All too ready to take credit for what your time and honest efforts have produced.

And the travel is a nightmare as well isn’t it? Traffic jams and no easy and secure parking if you take the car; and all packed up tight like in a sardine-can with more unhappy commuters like yourself if you choose the train or bus.

There must be more to life than this? Surely there must be a way to earn your money so that you are not suffering from total mental exhaustion when you eventually get the time set aside to spend it on the things you love.

Freedom and Independence? Isn’t that the American dream? What a joke. Sometimes it seems like the only dreams coming your way are those when you’re asleep.

Got Dreams?

But what about daydreams? What about daring to believe that there really is another way?

That you can lie-in for an indulgent extra hour in bed every morning, rather than getting up before the dawn chorus to avoid rushing your breakfast down so fast that you feel sick even before you get to your terrible job in the first place?

That you can afford a vacation, or maybe two, without worrying about overtime?

That you could work from home on your computer, and avoid the smog and noise of the rush hour?

That you could be your own boss, not someone else’s puppet?

That you can choose your own working hours, so that you can be with your family more?

You deserve better!

Well, you are a good person after all, you do deserve better than what you’ve got to put up with, and NEWS ALERT! You can get better!

Yes you can! You can turn your work daydreams into reality, NOW, by becoming an "affiliate" for a few long distance telephone companies.


A what? An affiliate, what’s that then?

An affiliate is someone quite literally ‘affiliated’ to a large company without being on their payroll directly. You would be self-employed and starting your own business, but without all the hassle associated with old-style work for yourself schemes. No stock to buy. No offices or warehouses to take out an expensive lease on, and then maintain. No people to hire that might prove to be unreliable when you’re not around. In fact, virtually no start-up costs at all!

No Scams!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Not at all! You see this is not a get rich quick scam that’s been floating around in cyberspace like a trawler’s net. This is a legitimate, legal, and ethical plan of self-advancement that could provide you with an excellent income after a short period.

Long distance phone calls, think about them. The U.S.A. is a big country and everyone should have a long distance plan to save them money. But there are so many companies out there, right? Exactly! Because of this competition is high, and the phone companies desperately want customers, and they’ll pay you to get them!

This is what you do to get paid, what their advertising can do, but it’s much cheaper for them to use affiliates, and much better for you to be paid commission for referring new customers or leads on the web, rather than have all that money go to the advertising agency’s coffers. The money can be yours instead!

Great Deals!

More and more people are searching the web for great deals on long distance calling. They’ll be getting great deals and you’ll be earning a commission check for each customer referred!

And there’s no limit to those commission payouts, because the more customers you refer the more you'll make!

It’s just so easy. TalkAmerica.com, GetConnected.com, iConnectHere.com and LowerMyBills.com are just a few of the long distance phone companies who will pay you a generous commission to refer customers to them.

How it works

Recent surveys have shown that almost 150 million Americans think they pay too much for long distance, and what to do something about it. How's that for a potential customer base?

As an online affiliate you will use your website, (yes, that's right you'll have your own website!) to show off the long distance phone company's deals. Now, don't worry about thinking up catchy adverts, for with these programs you will be provided with professionally designed and worded advertising banners and text hyperlinks to paste where you like on your site! These links will contain your personal referral tracking id code, unique to you! So every time anyone visits your site, then clicks on a link to the company's sign-up page, and subscribes for their long distance services. you will be paid commission! Don't worry, it's totally secure, as a valued affiliate, you won't lose out on any customer take-ups!

And if you don't already have a website, most will give you one for free!

The commission rate can vary, typically it's $10 to $20 for every new referral! That could be more than 200 bucks to you for less than a dozen subscriptions!

Here are some of the best long distance affiliate programs:

  1. TalkAmerica.com - Earn $45 Per Sale!
    Talk America is offering you $45 per every verified local and long distance bundle telephone sale! Long Distance-Only sales will pay you $18 per sale. All sales are subject to credit scoring and verification.

  2. LowerMyBills.com - Earn $11 Per Sale!
    As an Affiliate of LowerMyBills.com, you will earn $11.00 for For each long distance sign up you refer. Paid out nearly $500,000 in commissions in one year - Join today and stake your claim! With the most effective banners and text links available to you 24/7, it cannot get any easier to make cash!

  3. GetConnected.com - Earn $10 Per Sale!
    Offering a large selection and low prices on wireless phones and plan, High-Speed Internet, Long Distance, and Satellite television available anywhere online. Earn $40 for each wireless service and DSL Internet order placed through your site, $10 commission for all orders of long distance, cable & satellite TV, and Internet.

  4. iConnectHere.com - Earn $7 Per Sale!
    Earn commissions of up to 70% PERCENT with the iConnectHere payback program. Even if a customer charges as little as $10, iConnectHere will send $7 to you for sending him to us.

With these it’s just so easy. They’ll help you along if you get stuck and provide you with the support you need. Remember, the more you earn, the more they earn, so they’re definitely not going to leave you out in the cold.

Long term earnings!

And remember, long distance telephone calling will always be with us, so you won’t find a better option to make those monthly residual earnings keep on coming in, helping you to earn more long term!

And you don’t have to keep watch over your site twenty-four seven either. Affiliate tracking programs make sure you get what you earn from your sign-ups.

You can also promote your site and the benefits of company services offered through you in classified ads if you like - many of these are free and attract millions of hits each and every day, all those potential customers out there for other affiliates, so why not for you? And why not use your sent emails to carry word and links to your site?

With most long distance affiliate programs you can also earn extra, yes extra money with override commissions by introducing more affiliates as you selling agents (2-tiers) with their own programs.

No Small Potato

Being an affiliate is no small potato business, remember, you can join any number of long distance affiliate programs and some of the biggest names in the telecommunications industry are seeking new affiliates to sell their wares right now!

It could be you! It should be you!

So if you want a great chance in escaping the rat-race which is holding you down and keeping you away from the roads you want your life to travel along, sign up as an affiliate today.

It could be the best decision you ever made!

Still not sure? Want a bit of help? Not a problem!

More help is here!

Step-by-step training in affiliate programs is ready and waiting to help give you a steady start with your new enterprise. One of the very best around is the home study course worked out by James Martell. Let him help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that cause some affiliates to miss out on some early customers. His program can make things so much easier for you in the exciting world of online affiliates. Let him be your pathfinder! Combine your desire to succeed and honest endeavour with his proven experience in the field.

Learn tricks-of-the-trade in this simple to learn course that will amongst other things; give you an easy plan to follow with strategic overview.

See how you can get the most out of the many search engines, to bring more and more hits to your website, what links to use, which merchants pay the best commission, how to join up the quickest, and so much more.

Working at home from a computer does pay and his system will prove it!

So don’t delay your new lifestyle, act now!

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Matt Jacks is a successful freelance writer providing valuable tips and advice for consumers purchasing voicemail services, managed web hosting and helpdesk software. His numerous articles offer moneysaving tips and valuable insight on typically confusing topics.

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