Credit Card Affiliate Programs – Your Path to Freedom

Freedom: “the power or liberty to order one’s own actions”
The Collins Concise Dictionary
Freedom: “a sense of not being unduly hampered or frustrated”
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Freedom: “the condition of being free of restraints; the capacity to exercise choice”

Are these your ideas of freedom – “power”, “liberty” – what wonderful feelings! Aren’t we all, really, seeking freedom? Most of us would put financial freedom at, or very close to, the top of our list of freedoms, wouldn’t we?

However, most of us don’t believe it’s possible. We can’t see our way out of the rat race. We can’t see our way out of the chains that tie us to our jobs. We just can’t see it! Well, guess what – you can!

Freedom is as close as your fingertips, romping over the keyboard of your computer. Freedom is as close as a check deposited directly into your bank…every month! What we’re leading up to here is – the freedom you seek, you can absolutely have. And we’re going to show you how!

Enter the world of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs were created by merchants who saw a better way to utilize their advertising dollars. In the past, they’d been spending millions of dollars for advertisements that didn’t necessarily bring them sales. It was always a gamble – nothing was guaranteed. They could only hope that people would watch or hear their ads and buy their products or services. Their advertising dollars were left hanging in a void.

Here’s where credit card affiliate programs came in. The credit card companies would fill that void in an extremely effective way. Here was a use of advertising dollars that was 100% effective! You can’t get any better that that! So here’s what credit card merchants did. They saw that the trend was progressively moving towards online shopping. They had to diversify their systems and make their products and services available on the Internet.

Credit card merchants created websites to make their cards available to online shoppers. But instead of spending millions of dollars telling the consumer where to get them, they saw an opportunity to have other website owners do their advertising for them. A program was formulated whereby the credit card merchant would authorize a website owner, called an affiliate, to place a link to the merchant’s website on the affiliate’s website. This link would be specially tracked, allowing the credit card company and the affiliate to see how many consumers clicked on the link, and how many actually bought something. Every time a visitor applied online for a credit card and was approved through this link, the credit card company would pay the affiliate a commission. So the concept of pay-per-sale was introduced. Now the advertising dollars were paid only if a sale was made – 100% effective!

And what about the affiliate? You can be the affiliate. And you’ll come out with a home-based business you can operate on your computer without too much investment. And this business could actually earn you as much or more than your current wages. You can then spend more time doing what you really want to do, when you want to do it. You now have freedom!

So the affiliate has his business going well and the credit card company has his business going well – this was a win-win situation.

Credit card affiliate programs are a great way to go

One of the more popular ways to go right now is credit card affiliate programs. Credit cards are a part of our fast-paced lives – an answer to our desire for instant gratification. Almost everyone has a credit card. And 90% of all e-commerce, that is, online business, is done with credit card transactions. So what better business to be in!

There are so many credit card companies offering affiliate programs out there. How do you know which ones to choose? To help you make up your mind, let’s look at what an affiliate program does for you.

There are companies known as affiliate marketing networks that provide third-party tracking for the credit card companies and you, the affiliate. These companies are free to join. All you need is a website. Here’s an example of the choices some of the better-known affiliate marketing networks offer:

Affiliate Marketing Networks…Companies Represented

And these are just a few of the many affiliate marketing networks. What to look for here is a high commission payout for sales, leads and traffic through your website.

Starting an affiliate marketing business seems very intimidating

Now the affiliate had to find the right merchants, the right products and the most effective results-oriented programs to make his business profitable. To wade through the seemingly endless amount of information on the Internet seemed a huge task. And to begin with, you need your own website. Don’t have one? Not to worry.

Enter James Martell. James Martell had been in this position. He’d had an Internet business. He’d fumbled and stumbled his way through the maze of the Internet. But he’d come out on top! And now Mr. Martell has created a phenomenal affiliate program training manual – the culmination of all his efforts – called “James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Handbook”. This is the definitive guide to everything you need to create a successful affiliate marketing program. This guide will lead you step-by-step through the process of building great-looking websites using affordable website templates.

You can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom Mr. Martell gained in setting up his now highly successful affiliate business. No, it’s not free – but it’s a very good investment in your future! And this is ground-breaking information. James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Handbook is the only training you’ll need. No matter what the level of your knowledge of the Internet, if you follow Mr. Martell’s 8-step program, you can’t help but succeed. Take that first step and you’ll look back later and realize that this was your first step to freedom.

The power and liberty can be yours

So now you can see, the path to freedom is simple. It’ll take some work. It’ll take some money. It’ll take some drive. It’ll take some desire. But it’s a simple path. If you stay on the path, follow the guidelines, do whatever it takes to get it done – then you’ll know that it will be worth it! The power to be all you can be, the liberty to do whatever you want, whenever you want – these can be yours! Make that decision. Get involved in the world of credit card affiliate programs…and you’ll finally achieve freedom!

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