Kick in Insurance Affiliate Programs – and Boot Out the Boss!

Do you remember your parents saying to you, “You need to get a good education so you can get a solid job with a solid company and work there until you retire? And because we looked up to our parents, we followed their advice. Now look at your life. Are you where your parents said you’d be? Probably not. In fact, most people change careers several times in their lives, always looking for that perfect job. And what exactly is that perfect job?

How would you describe your perfect job? Think about this – wouldn’t your perfect job offer you at least some of these benefits?

  • Freedom to go to work when you want to
  • Freedom to earn all you want to earn
  • Freedom to do the work you like
  • Freedom to work with the people you like

See the common factor here – freedom! So the perfect job for you is the one that provides you with maximum freedom. Do you get that from your 9-5 job now? Do you get that from your boss? Probably not. So how do you find that perfect job? Sit down…we’re about to lead you to it. And you don’t need to run home and revise your resume. You don’t need to buy a new suit for that stressful interview. This job has the perfect bossyou!

The “Job” of Insurance Affiliate Programs

The “job” we’re actually referring to here isn’t actually a job. It’s a business – your­ business, conducted from the comfort of your own home. One of the biggest advantages to having a home-based business is that you don’t need to quit your current job – at least, not right away. But as you’ll see as you read on, the potential can eventually replace your current income and allow you to boot out the boss.

So what is this amazing business? It’s called Affiliate Marketing. Here’s how it came about. Rumour has it that in July, 1996, discovered that the most cost-efficient use of their advertising dollars was to pay only if a sale was made. So they introduced a program that paid individual website owners commissions when customers clicked through their websites to the site and bought something. The individual website owners were called affiliates. Many more companies followed suit after recognizing the success of these affiliate programs. The insurance industry was no exception.

Let’s look at affiliate marketing’s major players and their functions:

  1. The merchant: The merchant supplies the product or service to the consumer and pays a commission on sales generated. He also handles the order processing, shipping and customer service.
  2. The affiliate: The affiliate, sometimes called the publisher, refers customers to the merchant through his website, and receives that commission from the merchant.
  3. The third party: To help this process run smoothly, a third party tracks activity between the merchant and the affiliate and pays the affiliate on behalf of the merchant. There are many third party companies. Commission Junction and LinkShare are two of the most commonly used. They play an important part in the merchant-affiliate relationship.

Why should you believe in Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Are you skeptical at this point? Do you wonder if this is just another “pie-in-the-sky” opportunity? Well, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. And we’re willing to prove it. And what better proof than a look at an entrepreneur who’s currently enjoying great success with affiliate programs.

Here we feature Alan Zunec. Alan knew all about the insurance industry. He used to be an insurance agent. Used to be? That’s right…used to be! And what is he doing now? Why, affiliate marketing, of course. Alan is a prime example of those who were dissatisfied with their professional positions and were looking for a better way to make money from home. And what better way than to get away from the pressure from his job and enjoy the freedom of an affiliate marketing business that he could conduct from his home. No more fighting traffic to get to work on time. No more stressing to meet deadlines from his boss. No more quotas. No more offices. No more chains…now – just freedom!

Insurance affiliate programs can take away all the ties that bind you. Insurance affiliate programs can relieve all the pressure. Alan Zunec discovered these programs and jumped off the job bandwagon onto the entrepreneur bandwagon – a wise move indeed! Let’s hear a few things Alan has to say about where he used to be and where he is today:

  • “Most people get stuck in a job they don’t like. You don’t get time back – it creeps up on you, and before you know it, it’s gone.”
  • “Sometimes I play golf in the middle of the day, take a walk on the beach or catch a hockey game…and there’s no boss questioning my priorities. The time is mine and I love it.”
  • “The amazing thing with affiliate marketers is that there’s a real sense of community. What ends up happening is, you want everyone around you to succeed – you help them and they help you.”

So what exactly is Alan referring to when he says “you help them and they help you”? Well, Alan couldn’t have been as successful as he is without training. And that training is provided by James Martell, a highly successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur.

Where to find Insurance Affiliate Programs

There are dozens of insurance companies looking for affiliates to represent their programs, so how can you find them? First stop would be to check out Commission Junction and They are two of the most recognized and respected affiliate program networks and they have a number of insurance companies offering commissions.

  • Commission Junction -,,, NetQuotes, 4BestQuotes and are just a few of the insurance companies that will pay you to refer customers when you join the affiliate network.

  • LinkShare - A number of insurance companies are represented by LinkShare when you join this popular network.

And of course you can also always do a Google search using the keyword "insurance affiliate programs" as well.

Top-notch training is available

James Martell was once exactly where Alan Zunec was – stressed and struggling through a professional situation that didn’t provide anything close to the freedom expected or desired. So he explored the world of the Internet for a solution. And a highly viable solution he found! Mr. Martell discovered that there was a goldmine on the Internet. The gold waiting to be mined was Affiliate Programs. And mine it he did!

The culmination of all his trials and tribulations, learning the ins and outs and the ups and downs of affiliate programs, is now available for you to share. To find out the real story, and to start your own successful affiliate marketing business, you’ll need James Martell’s Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook. Click here to find out more.

Alan Zunec was one of James Martell’s students. He followed the simple 8-step program set forth by Mr. Martell and success was imminent. He was able to quit his job as an insurance agent and become an entrepreneur, conducting a very successful affiliate marketing business that offered him everything he couldn’t get in his insurance career.

Listen to the experts

Not satisfied with the praises of just one man? How about hearing what some affiliate marketing experts say about James Martell’s proven step-by-step training system?

  • I like the technique so much that I've already asked my assistant Rupert to use it in a new site he's building”... Allan Gardyne – owner of
  • “His method is amazingly simple. No tricks. Just solid advice. Everything he does is up front and legitimate. He even tells you exactly how to get the same success ... Michael Campbell – author of “Clickin It Rich”.
  • “If you follow his 8-step plan, you WILL get lots of targeted search engine traffic. And you will make a worthwhile income from the affiliate programs you promote on those high ranked pages ... Phil Wiley – author of

So you can see you’re not on your own. James Martell’s Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook is recognized by the experts as the definitive guide to a successful affiliate marketing business. And it’s available now for a reasonable price – considering the income it will eventually provide you with. To help you along as you work your way through this simple-to-follow 8-step program, you can subscribe to the Affiliate Buzz, the twice-monthly audio newsletter that’ll provide you with all the extra knowledge you need to build beautiful websites that attract heavy traffic.

Insurance Affiliate Programs are Your Ticket to the Future – Make Sure to Get on Board!

Have you ever heard the expression, “When my ship finally came in, I was at the airport.”? Well, you don’t have to miss your ship. Perhaps when you were at the airport, you were waiting for your boss. However, your ticket has just been handed to you and now you can board your ship and be your own boss! Take your ticket – Insurance Affiliate Programs – and present it to your ship’s captain – James Martell – and he’ll guide you carefully through your voyage so you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy the fun and the sun when your ship reaches its destination. Insurance Affiliate Programs can lead you to the financial freedom you’ve always wanted – the freedom to boot out the boss!

About The Author

Gareth Marples is a successful freelance writer providing valuable tips and advice for consumers purchasing weight loss programs, Dish Network satellite systems and garden shed kits. His numerous articles offer moneysaving tips and valuable insight on typically confusing topics.

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