The Power Of Email: 1 to 1

The 3 most important rules of marketing are target, target and target. If you at least talking to the right people, not only will you get heard but you are very likely to get interest from your potential prospect in what you are selling.

Just like advertising in your local Yellow Pages the internet is similar. You don't put an advert for motor cars in amongst advertising agencies. Just the same there is no point sending an email about your hot new business selling the latest in Cargo and handling packaging to webmasters who work for design or consulting companies. Their business is designing sites for clients, it's rare that they would have need to maintain a large shipping and handling operation.

Too easily many automated email extraction robots or software pick up lots of unrelated email addresses. The internet is incredibly dynamic, as we all know, and there are many times where links and documents cross paths - this is the dilemma for marketers working the internet. YOU have to define and follow the path doing the business. And email is personal so it can be offensive to some to send a message about apateirs to a manager of a fast food restraint.

The secret is to be able to gather a collection of links that are related to your potential prospects interests, usually using a search engine or links directory and then gathering them into your book marks.

Once you have your links you'd then going browsing from link to link, finding the email on the page and then sending your potential prospect an email. What you'll find is you will use much the same message over and over - so you will end up having Notepad open with your template message, that you use to copy and paste again and again.

This is the most effective and non return-flaming type of marketing and your results can be as high as 90% positive return. Although it is effective - it takes time and the mastering of integrating several programs.

Recently 2bpop developed, as an in-house tool, a web control software that you use to gather links of sites where you might find your target prospects and then go from link to link deciding whether it is worthwhile to contact them and if so sending a template message. Essentially they developed a system where you could email 100's and as many, as many 100's of people an hour with a response rate between a minimum of 10% and as high as 90% at times - and zero flame returns. Basically we hit our targets right on the head.

They have just released their in-house tool as a freeware software offering, to all on the net who need gather bunches of links and then browse web sites of a particular interest with the ability to immediately email a template email with a click as soon as the page downloads. The uses goes further and benefit not just marketers. As you can gather and index links, link titles, keywords and descriptions you can also email people on those sites immediately. Researchers, shoppers and job seekers will also find great use. Feel free to download your free copy.

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