FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Home Based Affiliate Entrepreneurs to "Hit the Moon" With Commissions Tripled to $750 Per Sale With Cosmic Business

Chandler, Arizona
July 3, 2004
Starscapes International, an established online company, on the Fourth of July, will surprise current and new affiliates by tripling their affiliate commission to $750 per sale. Helps home based "mom & pop" sales affiliates gain their independence. And leaves $3 commissions from bookseller Amazon and other low paying companies "in the dust".

Beginning INDEPENDENCE DAY, 2004 (July 4th in U.S.A.), Starscapes International, a division of Voyager Industries, in Chandler, Arizona, an online presence since 1994, is increasing its affiliate commission from $250 to $750 per sale. 2nd tier commissions are $100 each.

Hoping to gain an equitable share of the business opportunity market by attracting more affiliates to promote the company's main product.

Starscapes International, markets a training program worldwide that attracts business opportunity seekers.

Customers of the STARSCAPES® training program become what the company calls "Artist-Illusionists".

They install or create an illusion of the astronomically correct nighttime sky in homes; to be enjoyed mostly in home theaters and bedrooms. Also found in hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts.

The 48 year old founder of the company, Joseph Petrashek dreamed up the concept 25 years ago while on a camping trip in the mountains of Arizona, dreamed of having $1 for every star in the sky, and has created thousands of these signed and dated works of art. Artist-Illusionists can be found in every state and in over 100 countries around the world.

Petrashek states, "People are stressed today. Everyone is multi-tasking. We need a mental diversion, a place we can escape to that clears our mind... and can lower our stress level dramatically. Nothing does it quite like "old fashioned" stargazing. Problem is... You can't see any stars in most of the cities. STARSCAPES® brings them back."

"If you've ever seen what the nighttime sky looks like, high up in the mountains, where the sky is clear and there's no interference from ambient city light; that's exactly what you're going to see every single night, when you turn off your light switch and lie down in your bed. You'll feel as though you're lying in a serene mountain meadow in a peaceful world covered with a blanket of stars."

"When you have your licensed Artist-Illusionist create your STARSCAPES® for you, you'll relax under thousands of twinkling stars, constellations, the Milky Way galaxy and even shooting stars. A wonderful view of the heavens... and no bothersome mosquitos. For boys, we give them a few spaceships. For girls, fairies and angels. For adults, the illusion of a majestic mountain horizon off in the distance. For newlyweds, they see the stars the way they looked on the day of their wedding... every night. It's very romantic."

The final product is not seen during the day, as the thousands of stars only come out at night, or when the lights are turned off.

The installation generally takes one, two or three hours at the average cost of $500 per room.

Starscapes International is in its 13th year of business.

The affiliate market is thousands of primarily people at home wanting to make a part-time income with their computers and the internet.

Your StarBuddy
Joe Petrashek
Arizona, U.S.A.

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