Home Based Business Opportunities – Let’s Make it a Long Weekend
By Bill Schnarr

Ask anyone the best thing about a good home based business opportunity and they’ll tell you the same thing – the ability to make on-the-spot decisions about the little things that come up.

For example, your hard at work on your home based internet business and the phone rings. It’s your best friend, who lives out of town but is in the neighbourhood for a few hours on a stopover at the airport. Can you imagine the headaches it would cause if you tried to explain to your boss that you needed time off work because you wanted to go for a coffee with your friends? You’d be lucky if you had a job to come back to, if you even dared to step outside the building.

Working at home and making the most of your home based business opportunities would allow you the freedom to jump in your car and zip up to spend the afternoon with your friend. Time well spent, and surely something that would add to the rich fabric of your life.

What is your life worth to you? Sure, your Monday to Friday job may pay the bills, but we humans were not born tied to a clock. Living to work can lead to a miserable, lonely existence away from your friends and loved ones. That’s why so many people are turning away from traditional Monday to Friday jobs and looking to space for better business opportunities – in this case, cyberspace.

In fact, so many people, from professionals to college students, are deciding on home based business opportunities that they are changing the very face of the business world.

On top of traditional work at home jobs, such as writing and other artistic pursuits, there the internet has provided a springboard to launch hundreds of thousands of new careers around the world. These days, many home based opportunities are more than simply opening a little shoe repair store as a side gig. People are buying, selling, and marketing their way to successful, experience-rich lives and they’re doing it a few hours at a time.

The rest of the day, they’re busy making the most of their lives. They’re spending time with friends, their kids, or just taking the time to enjoy the things that they enjoy most. The ability to just drop everything at the drop of a hat and take off to do something fun in the middle of work is a great feeling. It gives you the feeling that you are in control of your life, and you are living it to the fullest potential.

On top of that, home based businesses are also lining their pockets. The earning potential of affiliate marketing as a home based business, for example, is virtually limitless. Successful affiliate marketers can make thousands of extra dollars a month in the time it takes to transfer the funds from their online payment accounts to their bank accounts.

Not only are they working from home and achieving these results, they are also travelling out of state to visit relatives and earning a bundle, or checking their accounts from their Hawaiian vacation hotel room and earning money…you get the point.

More freedom and more money. More importantly, a level of control in their lives that is unheard of in a regular Monday to Friday existence. It’s easy to see why these successful men and women have decided to make the most of their business opportunities.

The question is, why aren’t you?

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About The Author

Bill Schnarr is a single parent and freelance writer who works from his home in Calgary, Alberta. As well as writing about home based business opportunities and having dozens of online and print publishing credits, you can also look for him in "Chicken Soup for the Single Parents Soul" which was published in February 2005.

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