Webmasters: Getting To The Top Of Google (And other Search Engines) Just Got Easier

James Martell, A Natural Search Expert, Shows Students How To Climb The Elusive Search Engine Ladder, Becoming More Visible To Target Audiences And Increasing Revenues

Webmasters from every corner of the worldwide web are learning how to catapult their sites to the top of Google and other search engines, applying the latest techniques used by natural search expert James Martell and detailed in his "2006" Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook (THIRD EDITION).

A true compass for navigating any website to new heights of online success, Martell’s handbook is accomplishing what no other like handbook or guide has been able to do.

This “refreshed” edition dives headfirst into the sea of changes that have recently taken place at Google and other search engines and provides the most up-to-date information needed to ensure Webmasters can guide their websites to the top - and keep them there.

As the natural search expert, Martell has created quite a following – both online and off. His commitment to providing downloadable home study guides that leave no stone unturned sets him apart from other successful affiliate marketers and speaks to sell-out crowds at industry events and at his popular Affiliate Marketers BootCamp (http://www.affiliate-marketers-bootcamp.com/).

For years, Martell has taught countless students the finer (and too-often overlooked) tips and techniques for gaining free traffic through natural search at Google. And, because Google has recently undergone major changes, Martell stepped back up to the plate and swung again, this time delivering an out-of-the-park homerun with his "2006" Affiliate Marketers Handbook (THIRD EDITION).

And as customers flock to the net in record numbers, shopping online more than ever before, positioning your website at the top is absolutely paramount to your online success.

Rest assured, if you’re not applying Martell’s latest techniques, your competition will, catapulting their website over yours and to the top where online shoppers will be directed to make their purchases.

Work at home based business opportunity.As a Webmaster in the know, you undoubtedly realize how rare "third edition" e-books are. And, you probably already know that Martell is uniquely committed to his student’s success and since the release of his first edition, has provided free updates with every search engine change to students through an “Updates” page on his website.

The truth is that these latest search engine changes prompted something more.

Realizing this, Martell recently spent three months restructuring and updating the information in his already in-demand handbook, expertly articulating everything now needed to set your website apart from a growing sea of look-alikes, and maintain (and grow) your affiliate marketing income.

Given that major players such as American Express, Apple, Wal-Mart, and National Geographic now recognize the benefits of affiliate partnerships and are spending their time and dollars on this pay-for-performance advertising, the timing for the release of this important information couldn’t be better.

The bottom-line is this: These big businesses are paying for results and Martell shows you how to fine-tune your websites to ensure you deliver the results they want, with every visitor to your website.

Given that Martell has earned an enviable full-time income as an affiliate marketer since 1999 and has been training successful affiliates since 2001, no one knows better than him what it takes to achieve and maintain top billing in search engine results.

What’s more, Martell has survived and adjusted to numerous Google and other search engine changes and continued to flourish as a successful affiliate publisher. Now, relying on the 8-steps outlined in his "2006" Affiliate Marketers Handbook, the new screenshots and video tutorials, Webmasters of every level of expertise and success can learn what it takes to survive the inevitable ups and downs of search engines.

What’s more, applying Martell’s expert techniques, you and your websites will thrive through natural searches, while others are sure to get lost on the third and forth pages of a search return.

But if you’re still not sure this refreshed "2006" Affiliate Marketers Handbook is for you, Martell is going to eliminate any questions or doubts you may have by allowing you to take a FREE test-drive.

That’s right.

He is so confident that you will find the information in this THIRD EDITION version you (and your websites) need to stay in front of your target audience, he offers a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. Yes, you can actually implement his strategies until convinced – or otherwise – that THIS is for you!

For more information, visit; http://www.work-at-home-net-guides.com/.

About the Author

Kellie Fowler is an award-winning freelance writer who spends her winters in the U.S. and her summers in Canada, where she enjoys her 6 rescue pets, kayaking, fly-fishing, reading and writing about successful work at home based businesses. She is the owner of Write Solutions, a full-service writing company. Kellie currently freelances for several international groups and Fortune 500 companies, as well as well-known national magazines and newspapers.

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