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Submission Guidelines:
Please Read Carefully.

You do NOT send ads here.

This is for those who operate a "Free Classifieds Site" and would like to have it listed in this Directory.

(If you wish to post ads, go back to The Directory, start at the top of the alphabetized list, visit each individual classified site, follow their posting rules and then post your ads.)

Submission Guidelines for Listing your Free Classified Site in the Everyday Business Online FREE Classifieds Directory:

  • It must be a FREE Classified site - No "Pay to use" Classifieds.

  • It must be a FREE Classified site where users can come back weekly, monthly, etc and re-post or update their ads after they have expired. - No "one-time only posting" sites.

  • The Free Site MUST accept Ads for Business Opportunities and/or Products and/or Services.

  • Sorry - No "self-replicating sites" - I think these programs are great, but, this is a necessary rule, otherwise I would end up with thousands of these in my directory. (Ex: "SmallBiz", "Adnetwork", "FreeLinksNetwork", "BRC", etc.)

  • Sorry - No FFA Pages (Free For All Links Pages). However, I will list a page in a FFA style if it also allows for a description of the ad and is not on the same network with thousands of other FFA pages.

  • I don't list other Free Classified Directories.

  • I won't be accepting any other listings for as they are also on the same network.

  • TIP: You can get a Free Classifieds Site for FREE by Clicking on the banner below. (Completely customizable and each site is independent of all the others on this server.) I do list these type of sites.

  • I won't be accepting any other listings for AdlandPro as I'm an Affiliate and already have it listed under our Adland Affiliate Site.

  • I will accept Message Board listings as long as you do allow free posting of ads for business opportunities, products and services.

  • Sorry, no sites dealing in Adult related classifieds. (This is family friendly site.)

If your Free Classifieds Site meets the Requirements above, we will be happy to list it in the Free Classifieds Directory. Here is how to Submit Your Site:

I have had to remove the form as someone was sending a lot of porn spam.

To List Your "FREE Classified Site", send an email by Clicking Below.

Make sure the SUBJECT LINE has "Free Classifieds Site Submission". It should be autofilled for you, but in case it isn't make sure to type it in. That way I will recognize your email and not mistake it for spam and delete without reading.

Please include the Name of your Free Classifieds Site and the URL.

REMEMBER, do NOT send me ads.

This is ONLY for submitting your Free Classifieds SITE to the Directory.

Any ads submitted will be DELETED immediately!

I CANNOT make it any plainer than that, so to those ARE doing it, PLEASE stop spamming with ads!

REMEMBER: Free Classifieds site listings only. If you want to post an ad, go to the Directory.

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