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This book covers the most important Universal Law, the Law of Attraction, and so much more. It is a complete reference to life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind.

It is huge, 686 pages and 114 chapters, but it is so well written that you can jump to any chapter that interests you without having to read from the first. Although it probably is better to read a book from start to finish, I could not resist jumping ahead after constantly seeing the interesting chapter headings. I was amazing how well it was written and it did not seem to matter that I had jumped ahead. Each chapter is almost like it's own little mini book, clearly explaining the topic at hand.

Adrian Cooper, the author of Our Ultimate Reality spent 40 years putting his information together.

You will learn:

- how to Unlock the secrets of Infinite Wealth, Health and Abundance, the ability to live the life of your dreams, no matter where you are now.

- discover the real truth About Money. Find out what money really is and means to you.

- how to Heal Any Disease, Illness or Ailment, However Serious.

- how to Visit "The Afterlife", Find Where You Will Go After "Death".

- how to Visit "Deceased" Relatives, Bring Back Conclusive Proof.

- how to Learn The Truth About "Psychics", Avoid The Charlatans.

- and much, much more.

Here are a few chapter headings.

Chapter 1, Page 17: Find out about the true nature of the Universe. Hint, it is not about the so called "big bang" theory!

Chapter 12, Page 50: The extremely important Universal Law of Cause and Effect, and how it profoundly affects you, every single moment of every single day.

Chapter 16, Page 69: Learn the basics about Quantum Physics and how it is so important to everyone and everything in existence, without exception.

Chapter 24: What exactly is "Remote Viewing" and its uses?

Chapter 25: Discover the secrets of Telepathy, the secret of communicating with the mind, and how everyone potentially has this ability.

Chapter 26: The reality of Karma. Absolutely everyone, and I mean everyone without exception needs to know this! Do not proceed without this knowledge!

Chapter 28: "Death". The real truth of what happens just before, during, and after "death"? This important knowledge will change your view of life forever. Do not leave something as vitally important as "death" to chance!

Chapter 30: What are "ghosts"? Find out who "ghosts" really are and why they "haunt" different locations and people.

Chapter 31: The real truth about reincarnation finally revealed. This is absolutely vital knowledge for everyone without exception!

Chapter 32: Suicide. Discover what really happens to people who commit suicide, and what they can expect after passing on.

Chapter 33: Learn how we are all multi-dimensional beings with an infinite number of "bodies" and the characteristics of these "bodies".

Chapter 36: The Higher-Self. Learn the profound importance of realising and contacting your Higher-Self and how you can communicate with your Higher-Self in order to bring profound benefits into your life.

Chapter 40: Find out about the Astral Worlds, often known as "The Afterlife", "the beyond" or even "heaven". Everyone has to know this! Discover what will you find after "death".

Chapter 42: Learn all about the "Belief System Territories" of the afterlife. If you are religious, you need to find out about this now, before it is too late!

Chapter 41: The truth about the "hell" territories of the afterlife, and why people go to these "hell" worlds after passing.

Chapter 51: Spirit Guides. Who Spirit Guides are, which ones you can really trust, and how to make contact with them

Chapter 53: The truth about Psychics finally revealed! Do not even think about contacting an Internet "psychic" until you have read this chapter! Discover the truth about Internet and premium rate psychics now!

Chapter 54: Learn how to locate and make use of only the most genuine psychic services of people you can really trust.

Chapter 56: Discover the great dangers of the Ouija board. You will most definitely not want to touch a Ouija board again until you know this!

Chapter 64: Learn about Clairvoyance and how you too can develop the ability of Clairvoyance to view the afterlife.

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Chapter 66: Astral Projection. Find out how you can visit the Astral worlds, the afterlife any time you wish, to visit deceased relatives and to discover exactly where you will go after "death".

Chapter 67: Learn the 3 Most Powerful Astral Projection Methods I have yet discovered! There are numerous methods for Astral Projection, most are difficult and require much practice. These 3 methods will succeed where the others fail!

Chapter 68: Discover the truth about Out of Body Experiences. Learn how it is possible to leave your body to travel anywhere in the Universe at will!

Chapter 69: Learn the 3 Most Powerful Out of Body Experience Methods I have yet discovered! Use these methods to travel anywhere in the Universe, even meet with other people outside of the physical body at will with no restrictions.

Chapter 70: Discover the truth about Near Death Experiences. Millions of people in the world today have experienced "the afterlife" and returned to relate their profound experiences which changed their life forever.

Chapter 72: Find out how the benefits of Deep Physical Relaxation and how learning these simple and enjoyable abilities can bring profound benefits into your life.

Chapter 73: The secrets of Concentration. Discover the profound importance of concentration and the amazing abilities that can result from it

Chapter 74: Learn the practice of deep and highly focussed Concentration and how to perform seemingly amazing abilities of the mind such as Telekinesis

Chapter 75: Meditation is one of the most profound abilities anyone can have. Learn the secrets and benefits of true, deep, profound meditation!

Chapter 76: Learn the practice of true meditation without the mysticism. Enjoy amazing experiences and abilities you would never have thought possible! Your Abyss MP3 bonus will assist you enormously on this voyage of discovery.

Chapter 80: The Law of Attraction: Unlock the secrets of Infinite Wealth, Health and Abundance, the ability to live the life of your dreams, no matter where you are now! This is of the most profound importance to You! You simply have to know this!

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Chapter 81: Discover the real truth About Money! In this chapter you will learn that "money" is not all that it seems. Find out what money really is and means to you.

Chapter 82: Discover the amazing powers of Positive Thinking. This chapter can have a profound influence in your life!

Chapter 83: Learn the power of Affirmations. Used with everything else you will discover in this section of the book, affirmations can bring you tremendous benefits.

Chapter 84: The truth about the amazing Powers of Imagination, one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Learn the secrets of the imagination and there is literally nothing that you cannot be, do or have!

Chapter 85: Find out about the power of Creative Visualisation and how it can be used with the imagination to bring you anything you desire.

Chapter 86: Learn the practice of Creative Visualisation. Much has been written about Creative Visualisation. In this chapter you will learn the most powerful and effective methods yet to manifest your desires.

Chapter 88: Discover the truth about the power of emotions, how they affect your life at all levels, and how emotions can be used for your advantage.

Chapter 89: Creating Your Own Reality. This is without doubt one of the most important chapters you are ever going to read in any book, anywhere! Learn the secrets of attracting infinite wealth, health and happiness into your life.

Chapter 93: The Joy and Power of Healing. Learn the real secrets and truth about health and healing. Learn this and never fear ailments, illness or disease again.

Chapter 98: Learn the Practice of true Healing. When you know how to perform true healing you will have the ability to cure yourself and others of almost any disease and have total control over your health and well-being.

Chapter 99: Discover how living your own reality, in complete control of your mind and thoughts, will have the most profoundly positive influence in your life.

Chapter 100: Our Ultimate Destiny! Find out once and for all your Ultimate Destiny and the Destiny of all Mankind. You will finally discover the true meaning of life, why you are here, and above all where you are going.

Chapter 106: Learn about Dreams and their true meaning. Here you will discover how to remember, analyse and even how to take complete control over your dreams

Chapter 108: Discover the secrets of your Inner Voice. Once you have learned to recognise, listen to and follow your inner voice, you will progress through life with complete confidence and in complete control at all times

Chapter 110: Find out the importance for respect for all life, however small. Discover how the way you interact with other forms of life equally affects your life.

Chapter 112: Learn about the most important lessons of life. Find out why without learning these lessons no true progress can be made in this life.

Chapter 114: Our Ultimate Reality: The conclusion to everything you have discovered in this book. Learn this and your life will change for the better forever!

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