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Here is a list of the Top Search Engines where you absolutely should submit your site. (Note: A lot of Search Engines now charge for submissions.)

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It is much better to submit to each Search Engine manually. You'll be more likely to get your site listed and possibly even get a better ranking. (Some SEs can detect automatic submissions and they don't really like them.) However, if you want to save time and use automated submissions, I will be listing some of these resources below the Search Engine List.

It's not that time consuming to submit your site yourself. Simply create a file with your site's URL, description, some keywords, your name, address and your email address. You may not need all this information for every SE submission, but have it handy just in case. When you submit your site, use "alt+tab" to switch back and forth between the SE submission page and your file, then copy and paste the required information into the form.

For some of the Search Engines I've included the URLs directly to the Submitting Page. For the rest, you will have to go through their front page. You will find the "Add URL" link by clicking on the category, then sub-categories of the section where you want your site listed. The submission link should be at the top or bottom of the page.

NOTE: Some site submissions are all run by the Open Directory Project. You do not need to submit to each one of them separately, ie... AOL Search, etc. One submission to the Open Directory Project ( site is adequate. If you submit to one of the other partner sites it just goes to the Open Directory Project anyway and now you run the risk of oversubmitting. When submitting to a Search Engine, they will let you know if it is run by the Open Directory Project.

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AOL Search - All AOL Search user-submitted Web content is maintained by the Open Directory Project

AllTheWeb Fast Search
Submission Page

Submission Page

Ask Jeeves - Paid site submissions (Managed by only.

Submission Page

Submission Page

EZ Searches
Submission Page

Submission Page - Paid site submissions only.

Submission Page

Submission Page

Submission Page

- Paid submissions, but they still have the Free Submission. As the submission links keep changing, you can find Free Submission link by clicking on "Add Your Site to Lycos" at the bottom of the main page, then click on "FAQs". You'll find the link in there.

MSN Search - Paid submissions only.

Submission Page

Northern Light
Submission Page

Open Directory

Submission Page

Submission Page

Submission Page

Starting Point
Submission Page

Voyager Submission Page

Web World - to add your URL, go to the category where you think your web site would be best suited, then click on 'Add URL' at the bottom of that category.


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Pay Per Click Search Engine Secrets.

Mastering Google AdWords

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Search Engine Advertising Review - explanations on how pay per click advertising search engines, pay for spidering (paid inclusion) programs, and Yahoo works. A basic outline of the services and a review of how they perform.

Automated Search Engine Submissions - Free submit websites to major Search Engines with a smile. Free promote your Web Site in a jiffy to over 50 major Search Engines. Also secrets, design tips, list and humor. Dream Submit reaches web sites far and near over the whole World Wide Web.

Multimeta - Free submission service that lets you add your URL very fast to the most important search engines. You can even add several URLs simultaneously. Multimeta is also a fast meta search engine that does simultaneous searches in the major search engines.

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