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Anti-Spam Filtering Tool

Spam has a become a BIG problem! And it's only going to get worse. Every day I receive hundreds of unwanted email offers such as viagra, gambling, pornography, email viruses, etc.

If you have several email accounts, such as your business domain addresses and autoresponders, the amount of spam you have to deal with daily can cost you a lot of time and money! If you are spending hours each week processing email, you are losing a lot of money. This is costing you time which could have been better spent at working on your online business.

This is the Fastest and most Effective way that I have found to deal with this unwanted junk.

The problem with spam blockers or filtering systems is you risk losing your legitimate email. Or the spam blocking program sends out messages asking those who email you to click on a link to be added to your friends list before you can receive the email. A real inconvenience that hardly no one bothers to do.

With Mailwasher Pro, you are in complete control. It allows you to delete spam, viruses and other unwanted emails right at the server so it never reaches your inbox. You save valuable time by not having to wait for all the junk to download into your inbox! You only receive the email you want.

    Here Is How It Works:

  • If it is your first time using MailWasher, the easy set up wizard will prompt you for email account information. This takes a little more than a few seconds to complete.
  • When you start Mailwasher, click on "Check Mail".
  • MailWasher will quickly give you a preview of what email is waiting for you on the server so you can deal with it effectively.
  • To deal with the unwanted junk, you can check the "Delete" box, and also the "Bounce" box.
  • By checking the "Bounce" box, a fake "undeliverable" email notice is returned to them so they will then remove your email from their list.
  • Of course, most spammers do not use legitimate email addresses. To deal with those, check the "Blacklist" box. Whenever they email you again with that fake address, it will be automatically blacklisted.
  • You can also right click on the subject lines of the email in MailWasher Pro and select, "delete", "bounce", "add to blacklist".
  • If you are unsure as to whether the email is legitimate or not, right click on the subject line and select "Preview Message". A box will come up allowing you to read the email before deciding to delete, bounce or blacklist.
  • To be sure that you always receive your legitimate email from family, friends, business contacts, newsletters, etc, right click on the subject line and select "Add to friends list". Mailwasher will now always recognize these emails.
  • Once you have scanned your email and marked the spam for deletion, bouncing or blacklisting, click on "Process Mail".
  • Mailwasher will easily take care of removing the junk and then open your email program so you can download your legitimate mail.
  • You can also have Mailwasher check multiple email accounts!
  • Plus, there are many more features of Mailwasher Pro. Click Here to Learn More.

Leave Mailwasher running while you are online and it will automatically check your mail at the intervals you have selected in the "options". For example, I have mine set to check the mail every 10 minutes. Mailwasher will make a sound to alert you that you have new mail on the server.

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