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How To Use The Free Classifieds Directory: To Submit your ads, start at the top of the alphabetized list below and go to each site to post your ads. Each classified site will have directions on how to post your ads.


If you are the Webmaster of your own Free Classifieds Site and would like for it to be included in this Directory CLICK HERE. (Note: only for webmasters of Free Classified sites. You do NOT send ads through that form!!! You place your ads on the Free Classified Sites below. )

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THOSE WHO PLACE CLASSIFIED ADS: I know there are many responsible marketers who are following all the posting rules for each Free Classifieds Site listed below, however there are some who are NOT. This is meant for those only. The FREE Classifieds sites listed below are provided for you FREE OF CHARGE by the generosity of the webmasters who run these sites. Please be respectable and DO NOT SPAM and DO NOT POST JUNK ADS on these sites. If you do not know how to write ads, see How To Write Ads - Tips That Work! If you DO NOT want to, or are unable to PAY for your advertising, then the Free Classifieds sites are your only option. (Click here for a list of the Top Classifieds Sites to purchase Advertising from.)

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